Posted By PayNW March 07, 2018

In Memoriam

On this day, March 7, 2018, “Hard Hat Guy”, our stalwart sentinel who served for many years as the face of PayNorthwest’s website, passed into the great beyond. Hard Hat Guy served faithfully as our lead photo image for our now retired website and in fact never missed a day of work, let alone showed up sick. We will miss his friendly, assuring smile and confident can-do attitude. For us at PayNorthwest, Hard Hat Guy represented everything that is good about people who put in an honest day of work and deserve to be paid accurately and on-time. He will be missed. Today is a new day, with a new web site, with some fine images of other workers. We welcome those new “faces of PayNorthwest” but want to take this moment to celebrate a job well done by our long-time friend, Hard Hat Guy.

Hard Hat Guy, 2009-2018, RIP

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