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For HR Managers | For Regional Managers | For Frontline Managers

Data Visualization

Valuable Insights for Targeted Action

Our workforce management solution provides flexible, dynamic data visualization options as part of its people analytics tool suite to help you make smart decisions fast.

Transform tabular reports into intuitive charts and graphs that highlight what’s most important. And with just a few clicks, pull multiple visuals into dashboards that focus on key metrics, so you can turn insight into action.

HR Managers

For HR Managers

When it’s your job to build, nurture, and retain a winning workforce, you can’t afford to rely on guesswork or drag out critical decisions. That’s how you miss out on top talent and lose valued employees.

Implement long-term strategies based on the high-impact details and emerging trends you see in your data.

Transform tabular reports into intuitive charts and graphs that highlight what’s most important.


For Regional Managers

When you oversee multiple locations or groups, you need at-a-glance visibility into people data across your organization. Visualize key metrics to focus on the facts that matter most.

Instant insights let you spot potential issues and coach direct reports to take fast, proactive action. Mobile dashboards let you stay on top of workforce trends from anywhere to drive business outcomes.

Regional Managers


According to Deloitte, 69 percent of organizations are building integrated systems to analyze their people-related data.1

For Frontline Managers

Balancing labor costs, productivity, and engagement isn’t easy, but it comes with the job. Dashboards with actionable charts provide real-time insight into employee time and schedules — with one-click access to deep-dive data — so you can manage your people proactively.

There’s no easier way to leverage data to make changes in the moment and keep business goals on track.


Dig Deeper into the Benefits

Save time and make smarter decisions with meaningful insights into workforce trends and employee behaviors. Our workforce management platform with embedded people analytics and data visualizations makes it possible.


1. Dimple Agarwal, Josh Bersin, Gaurav Lahiri, Jeff Schwartz, and Erica Volini, People Data: How Far Is Enough?, Deloitte Insights (March 28, 2018), found at

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