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Making Life Easier with Efficient, Helpful, Effective Onboarding Software

Onboarding Should Be Fast and Engaging

As part of our Talent Acquisition Solution, our onboarding software allows businesses to smoothly transition from the hiring to the onboarding process while providing a positive and engaging experience to welcome new employees.


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Turn New Hires Into
Top-Performing Employees, Quickly

Essential to our Talent Acquisition Solution, our Onboarding Software is designed so businesses of all shapes and sizes can connect their recruiting and core HR processes, keeping new hires engaged from the moment they accept an offer to the moment they step into the office.

Stop letting new hires get left wondering what steps they should take next and start providing an engaging, positive experience that gets new hires excited about their new career opportunity with our employee onboarding technology.



The Benefits Of Our Onboarding Software Include...

Simple Pre-Boarding Portal

Design and serve up packages with targeted resources for different roles

Engaging Pre-Boarding Tools

Introduce your culture through videos, links, and key documents and deliver logistical information and forms ahead of day one

Adaptable Onboarding Checklists

Create multiple onboarding tracks relevant to different positions and enable employees to easily link to resources, videos, training, forms, and more from one location and mark tasks complete as they go

Updates And Notifications

Automatically notify employees and managers as different onboarding stages are completed

Real-Time Insights

Real-time visibility into checklist completion, onboarding progress, and expectations

Ensured Success For New Hires

Connect new employees with mentors, managers, and teammates to ensure an easy transition and success in their new role

Dive Further into Our Talent Acquisition Software with Our Onboarding Demo

Click here to watch our onboarding software demo video.



Onboarding Demo Video


What PayNW Clients Have To Say...


"In addition to enabling us to do things we couldn’t do before, PayNW is a much better match for us in terms of a customized solution – a small business provider who knows the needs of a small business. Now we can all work on the same employee record-keeping and asset-tracking system at the same time. In addition, our new system gives supervisors a lot more freedom to manage employees rather than managing multiple spreadsheets or filling out paper forms."

- Katie Policar, Community First Bank
  Kennewick, WA