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Open APIs & Interfaces


Web Services

PayNW’s HCM system is built with web services and is designed to support data exchange with your other important business systems. SOAP and REST APIs allow clients to develop automations that connect and share their HR, payroll, benefits, and time data with other Web-service-enabled cloud applications.

REST API clients send HTTP POST, PUT, GET, or DELETE requests to the system to create, update, retrieve and delete data from the system. Through security profiles, users are granted access to view or edit sensitive data via REST API. Company groups can also restrict the data that is returned in response to a REST API.

Built-In Interfaces


Our HCM system includes integrations with many popular applications like Twilio, Indeed and TurboTax, including Google Cloud integration to link popular Google Cloud applications with system data and resources.

PayNW HCM + Google Cloud

Use PayNW’s API capabilities to:

  • Pass payroll data to a cloud-based general ledger system
  • Share labor distribution data to an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning system
  • Transfer employee compensation data by manager group to a compensation management and budgeting system
  • Exchange data and benefit plan information and enrollment with 3rd party benefits management system
  • Transfer HCM data to an analytics tool for deeper analysis
  • Transfer labor and time data to management dashboard tools

What PayNW Clients Have To Say...


"As a service organization with over 1,000 employees spread across 8 states and 3 time zones, we took the decision to switch our employer services provider and platform very seriously. We had to make sure the transition would be well thought-out, seamless, sensitive to the impact of change in our organization, and with zero interruptions to our daily operations. Bottom line, anything short of superb execution was not an option for us. I am pleased to report that PayNW delivered on all fronts. Their team of professionals conceived and executed an implementation that fit our organization and exceeded our expectations. Managers at 24 separate locations were trained and up and running quickly. Our corporate staff had the tools, training and support they needed to comfortably transition our payroll processes onto the platform. PayNW even pulled off a difficult integration with a critical 3rd party technology vendor. All of this in a matter of months from the time we started. We knew by making the switch to PayNW and its HCM platform that we would be a stronger, more effective organization. What we didn’t know was how smooth the transition could be. PayNW has proven to be a partner we can trust with this very important organizational decision."

- Randy T.