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Payroll and HR
for the Healthcare Industry

from a Company that Knows Our Healthcare Heroes, the Industry, the Challenges

Operating a business within the healthcare industry can be much more complicated and intricate than that of other industries.

From maintaining compliance with elaborate and more complex legislation to supporting your healthcare heroes, the list of challenges that a Healthcare Payroll and HR solution can help you overcome is long.

By partnering with a company like PayNW, you're not only reaching out for help to a provider that knows your industry but one that has put in the extra work to create additional healthcare workforce management tools and resources, such as our Senior Living Dashboard for assisted-living facilities.

Contact PayNW today to learn more about our Healthcare Payroll and HR solutions.

Payroll and HR Solutions for Healthcare

Our team of healthcare HCM experts offers reliable and compliant payroll and HR solutions designed for your healthcare business, with features such as: 
  • A centralized, single source of data that automates, optimizes and simplifies the management of all aspects of the employee lifecycle 
  • Flexible and affordable purchase and deployment options based on your organization's needs 
  • Consumer-centric, intuitive, and mobile management capabilities that go beyond traditional ways of engaging workforce management information 
  • Continuous tracking of training, certification and licensure empowers proper staffing decisions

See the Features of our Senior Living Dashboard

Download our Dashboard Features Overview, or schedule some time to speak to an expert about the full capabilities of our Senior Living Dashboard.


A True Partnership with a Provider That Knows your Business

HCM for Cannabis Partnership

We believe superior technology is necessary but not sufficient.

It takes a committed, knowledgeable partner to get you all the way there. From our Smooth Start implementation process to our dedicated ongoing support team, PayNW’s expertise in delivering its world-class HCM cloud platform to meet YOUR unique needs today and tomorrow is what distinguishes PayNW as a partner rather than a vendor and what helps you get where you want to go.