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Time and Labor

Making Life Easier with Accurate Time and Labor Software

Timekeeping Should Be Easy and Accurate

Our automated Time and Labor system helps businesses optimize employee productivity, while reducing labor costs, by enabling businesses to be able to accurately pay employees for the time worked as a result of accurate timekeeping.


TLM Software Laptop Device


Our Time and Labor System Improves Productivity, Reduces Labor Costs and Entry Errors, and Drives Better Decisions

Of all the areas within the HCM Suite, nothing saves you more time and money than time and labor management.

Managers can create work schedules built for performance and productivity; monitor and measure overtime; process time-off and leave requests; maintain compliance with complex federal and state labor regulations using tools such as accruals; eliminate errors as well as rounding and fudging by employees, and increase payroll processing productivity.



Benefits Of Our Time and Labor System Include...

Time Data Collection Options

Web punch

Mobile with geolocation

Time clocks (ethernet, wireless)


Facial recognition

Labor Cost Tracking

Multi-level job costing

Rate tables & configurable pay calculations

Overtime & break rules

In/out dot board

Automatic email notifications

Manager Self Service

View direct reports' data

Dashboard widgets

Configurable reporting

Multi-level time approvals

Accrual and Leave Management

Accrual calculation & tracking

Time-off requests with approval workflows

Leave of absence tracking

ACA Management

Hours tracking against set measurement periods

Real-time & historical detail

Creation & form filing for 1094-C / 1095-C

Enhanced Scheduling

Create schedules built for performance and productivity 

Schedule to needs, skills, & preferences

Constraint-based options

Employee selection of open shifts

Watch Our Time & Labor Management Software In Action

Watch our Timekeeping Demo Video today, and get a real-time look at the tools and features of our powerful timekeeping technology.



TLM Demo Video


Our Time Data Collection Options Include...

PayNW - TLM-Clock-Out (Use on White Background)

Empower employees by allowing them to punch in and out right from their mobile device while giving managers the ability to review punches on a map or set up geo-fencing to restrict employees to a radius of a particular location.

Our mobile app punching features:

  • Biometric Login
  • Geofencing & Punch Map
  • Profile Restrictions
  • Offline Punching

TLM Software Laptop Device 2Our browser-based web clock only needs an internet connection to effectively capture punches using employee login credentials from an employee’s device or a shared  device kiosk. IP restrictions can also help maintain control over where employees can successfully clock in or out.

Our web clock punching features:

  • Badge ID
  • Username and Password
  • IP Restrictions

Kronos IntouchWe have a variety of physical clock options, such as: a simple touchscreen clock interface that enables employees to clock in and out quickly and easily using a finger, proximity, or badge swipe, more advanced clocks that uses biometric fingerprint authentication and successfully eliminate buddy punching, or our most advanced option which uses touchless, facial recognition technology in the form of an app that can be downloaded to something as simple as an iPad.

Our physical punch clock features:

  • Biometric Options
  • Facial Recognition
  • Offline Punching
  • Self-Service

PayNW - Tap to Punch

Clocking in and out with a simple tap! Employees simply hold their phone near the programmable NFC tag using the mobile app, and it securely sends a "clock in" or "clock out" or other time capturing activity to their timesheet. It's like magic, but it's just secure technology making work a little easier!

Our tap to punch option is:
  • Faster and easier: No more swiping cards or remembering badges.
  • Touchless: Hygienic option, especially in today's climate.
  • Convenient: NFC tags are small, inexpensive, and can be placed anywhere.

See the Full Capability of our Powerful Time and Labor Solution


Download our time and labor feature list today to learn more about how our solution will save you time, money, and frustration.


What PayNW Clients Have To Say...


"Your team has been incredible in the transition. Our communities are excited about the new clocks and software and have echoed the compliments for your team. What we have seen from PayNW reminds us of some of the great customer service organizations like Disney or Nordstrom, the old-school Disney and Nordstrom."

- Bill S