Optimize Employee Productivity and Reduce Labor Costs with Time and Labor

Our automated system offers a more efficient way to capture and record hours worked, reduces time data entry errors, and enables businesses to reduce costs by paying more accurately for the time worked by their employees.

Timekeeping Should Be Easy and Accurate

Of all the areas within the HCM Suite, nothing saves you more time and money than time and labor management.

Managers can create work schedules built for performance and productivity; monitor and measure overtime; process time-off and leave requests; maintain compliance with complex federal and state labor regulations using tools such as accruals; eliminate errors as well as rounding and fudging by employees, and increase payroll processing productivity.



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See the Full Capability of our Powerful Time and Labor Solution

Download our time and labor feature list today to learn more about how our solution will save you time, money, and frustration. 

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What PayNW Clients Have To Say...

Your team has been incredible in the transition. Our communities are excited about the new clocks and software and have echoed the compliments for your team. What we have seen from PayNW reminds us of some of the great customer service organizations like Disney or Nordstrom, the old-school Disney and Nordstrom.

- Bill S