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Payroll and HR for
Senior Living Facilities

From a Company That Knows the Industry, Challenges, Complexities

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The Senior Living Industry is full of organizations with the mission to provide a safe and dynamic community dedicated to dignified aging, life fulfillment, and service to the broader community. We understand that's no small goal, and so it's important to us that we ensure senior living facilities have a payroll and HR provider to turn to. One that can make their lives easier. 

We understand the challenges our healthcare heroes go through. When it comes to assisted living facilities, the requirements to provide excellent care require patience, empathy, and dedication, in addition to a long list of other things that don't even include handling back-end operations.

In order to achieve your mission of providing the best possible care for your patients, senior living facilities need to find a way to streamline back-office processes so that the time exists to focus on that core mission.

Payroll and HR Solutions for Senior Living Facilities

At PayNW, we understand and anticipate the challenges associated with payroll, HR, and other back-office tasks, including:

  • Inflexible reporting functionality and complex data structure of incumbent software
  • Issues with PBJ reporting requirements
  • Lack of automated HR information systems
  • Division of data between HR and Finance departments
  • And more!

Our unified platform, coupled with our one-of-a-kind Senior Living Reporting Dashboard can and has helped organizations in the industry achieve ground-breaking results and success. In fact, our senior living industry clients typically see: 

  • A 90% decrease in the time it takes to run reports
  • Easier PBJ Reporting as a result of our Senior Living Reporting Dashboard
  • All necessary personnel gain easy access to their respective employee wage information, offering insightful payroll reports that can help facilitate the preparation of individual departmental budgets
  • Increased staff productivity due to streamlined and automated routine payroll and HR tasks
  • Reduced administrative time and costs due to streamlined and automated routine payroll and HR tasks
  • Simplified management and audit of employee benefit plans and certifications 
  • Simple employee deduction management as a result of system flexibility and intelligent data structure
  • And more!

Only with PayNW can organizations gain powerful reporting tools tailored for senior living facilities, and track things such as retention, overtime, per-patient day expenses, and nursing summaries with average wages.

See the Features of our Senior Living Dashboard

Download our Dashboard Features Overview, or schedule some time to speak to an expert about the full capabilities of our Senior Living Dashboard.


A True Partnership with a Provider
That Knows your Business

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We believe superior technology is necessary but not sufficient.

It takes a committed, knowledgeable partner to get you all the way there. From our Smooth Start implementation process to our dedicated ongoing support team, PayNW’s expertise in delivering its world-class HCM cloud platform to meet YOUR unique needs today and tomorrow is what distinguishes PayNW as a partner rather than a vendor and what helps you get where you want to go.


What Our Senior Living Clients Have To Say...


"Thanks for creating such a useful report.  With the Senior Living Dashboard, we are able to click a button to see an overview of the important NHPPD information daily. It allows us to stay on top of our Direct Care hours, Overtime, and Meal Premiums at a glance.  This is an amazing tool!"

- Bobbi B.
  Director of HR Operations