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HCM Cloud Technology

Because technology is such a big part of how your business runs, your IT Director needs to feel confident and comfortable that our platform will work in concert with your other systems. We work closely with your IT team to bring their insights, needs and mandatory constraints into the equation early so that our recommended solutions are optimized to benefit your users.

Our HCM Cloud Technology Includes:

  • AICPA SOC2-Compliant Data Center
  • World-Class Physical & Logical Security
  • 24x7, 3 "9's" Uptime & Availability
  • Two Factor, Virtual Code Authentication
  • Device Agnostic & Responsive
  • Open APIS & Interfaces

HCM Technology Overview

Our white paper on HCM Cloud Technology provides valuable information regarding the underlying architecture, security and other important features.


What PayNW Clients Have To Say...


"PayNW is an excellent alternative to large national payroll and workforce management solution providers. The team really knows how to implement amazing national-scale products and deliver exceptional customer service. As an HR Manager with well over 200 employees and multiple cost centers, linking our accounting system to our people systems by importing into our general ledger is a huge time saver. We appreciate PayNW’s attitude of acting as our partner."

 Michelle Hohlbein
Trojan Lithograph