Posted By PayNW April 19, 2022

My vivid vision of who we were, are, and will be

PayNW operates with the intention of being around for 100+ years (just like our Washington evergreens). We serve clients nationwide in multiple industries, partnering with mid-sized and growing organizations as an extension of their business. I pride myself on the fact that clients can’t imagine running their businesses without us! 

I’m just over six months into my role as PayNW’s CEO, and it’s been an incredible journey so far. 

Leading my amazing team and evolving as a leader continues to thrill me every day. While certain things remain (and always will be) critical to our mission, now felt like a good time to pause and plan for the next three years and beyond. In consideration of who we’ve been, who we are, and who we want to be. I’ve spent the last month reflecting on the PayNW vision, and this week, I charted a new course with the entire team. 

As a growing, national firm, our roots are in Seattle, but our heart is nationwide. We are working to truly understand the remote workforces, and as such, are developing a number of exciting things for our employees. 

We already give time off to volunteer and offer a paid sabbatical plan, but we’re making these programs even better. We’ve revamped our organization to provide more training and development opportunities internally, as well as laid out defined career paths so that employees who wish to can have clear opportunities internally, while clients know that the person they are talking to is knowledgeable and well supported. We’re also expanding our presence in our communities in terms of time and dollars. Today, we make a $.02 donation for every pay statement processed ($10,869 in 2021), and we’re increasing that in the years ahead. These are just a few of these exciting things happening. 

Getting the team together to learn about the new vision made for an incredibly impactful week. There’s nothing I take for granted getting to lead PayNW, having been a part of the company for more than ten years. We invite new and longstanding clients alike to grow with us and lean into the steady, strong teamwork we enjoy every day. 

And…as part of the vision rollout, I wanted to share not only the future of PayNW, but also a love for glassybabys! See how my amazing artistic skills morphed into a special PayNW edition below. 

Sketch and Glassybaby featuring the PayNW logo

Here’s to the coming years…

Lori Brown, CEO

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