Posted By PayNW September 06, 2021

Today we are very excited to announce an important milestone in the history of PayNW. September 1, 2021 Lori Brown took over as CEO of PayNW from our Founder and first and only CEO we have had to date, Mike Anderson. (PayNW Lori Brown Chief Executive Officer)

This is great news for PayNW, its partners and clients. Lori is a supremely talented leader with deep and extensive experience in the payroll and human capital management industry. Lori is a former 40 Under 40 honoree, originated and led as President our HCMReady division that provided implementation services to enterprise users of UKG Ready, and spearheaded our incredibly impactful Employee Retention Credit (ERC) recovery effort that has helped our clients reclaim over $75 million in ERC money back from the IRS. Lori also was recently elected to the board of the Independent Payroll Processors Association. Lori has been with PayNW for over ten years and most recently served as its Chief Operating Officer and Chief Revenue Officer. During that time the company reached both record revenue and record profits.

In addition to the great things that Lori’s leadership will bring to PayNW and its clients and partners, the transition from our founder to Lori is important for other reasons as well. First, it means that PayNW has survived its founder, something many companies are not able to pull off. PayNW has always been committed to the idea of being an Evergreen company. Planning with long time horizons, sustainable operations and outliving the original personalities and skill sets that founded the company are important parts of being here for our clients over the long haul. Lori’s appointment provides the stability, long-term planning and organizational development that our clients, employees and partners need and deserve.

Lastly, Lori’s transition to the top spot at PayNW is an important milestone in building a professional, mature, and multi-skilled organization to meet the complex and dynamic needs of its client-employers. In order for PayNW to help employers respond to opportunities with emerging technology, ever-increasing regulatory mandates, and increasing demands of the labor market, PayNW needs to grow in its capabilities, skill sets and operational strength. Bringing on a seasoned, capable leader with knowledge and experience in all aspects of our business is critical to growing and maturing along with our clients in order to serve them better and be the partner they deserve.

Please join us in congratulating Lori on her new role. We look forward to great things in store, under Lori’s leadership, for both PayNW and its clients.

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