A clean time clock is essential in a time of pandemic

A clean or contactless time clock ensures employee safety

Whether you’re an essential business that’s had to continue operations during the COVID-19 crisis or preparing to welcome employees back into the workplace, having a plan for high-touch surfaces is crucial for employee safety. We’ve all learned to take extra care disinfecting door handles and countertops in high-traffic areas, but what about how to clean the company time clock?

Time clocks can be a significant business investment, and their proper cleaning and care ensures employee safety and clocks’ longevity. As a general guideline for cleaning time clocks, use a soft, lint-free cloth and apply manufacturer-recommended cleaning solutions to the cloth, instead of directly to the time clock or scanners.

The correct cleaning method depends on your time clock and we recommend consulting the manufacturer for specific guidance.

How to Clean Popular Time Clock Models
Contactless Clocking

Another step that businesses can take to ensure employee safety is moving to contactless clocking options. These alternatives avoid the traffic jam at the time clock, keep employees a safe distance apart and don’t create high-touch surfaces. Explore time and labor management from PayNW.

Mobile Clocking

• Employees log in to a mobile app on their personal device

• Punches in and out are recorded just like a traditional time clock

• Clock-in locations can be geofenced based on mobile device location

Proximity Cards

• Unique cards are issued to employees

• Cards are read by the time clock

• No need for employees to physically contact the time clock surface

Biometric Time Clocks

• Keeps employees safe and follows post-COVID protocols around high-touch surfaces

• Eliminate buddy punching with 3D facial recognition

• Sends data directly to your workforce management system

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