Posted By PayNW June 28, 2020

For the second time in two years, a national company who previously decided to tack on payroll services to their existing offering has made a retreat.

Last year Wells Fargo decided to get out, and now BenefitMall, after 8 years, has decided to throw up their hands. Payroll is harder than it looks, so maybe it’s time the big guys leave Payroll to the dedicated pros.

With PayNorthwest’s payroll solution, you get streamlined workflows, accurate data, and alignment across departments. Never an afterthought, our platform is designed for complex payrolls and the people who have to manage them.

It’s always a daunting proposition to move to a new payroll platform, but we hope you consider PayNorthwest as the antidote to the big box when you are evaluating options for your next payroll provider.

Payroll Processing from PayNorthwest

The Antidote to the Big Box


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