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Washington State Paid Family and Medical Leave Questionnaire

PayNW’s Washington State Paid Family and Medical Leave service gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your organization is in compliance with the Washington State Paid Family and Medical Leave Act. When you enroll in this service, your organization’s monthly reporting requirements are met and quarterly taxes are filed accurately and seamlessly. The service costs a one-time setup fee of $50 plus $10 per month for ongoing reporting.


There will be new payroll withholding rules in 2019, and you will need to prepare your business to collect and remit Paid Family and Medical Leave premiums quarterly. The premium will be 0.4% of gross wages paid each quarter starting in 2019. The employer portion will be about 37% of the premium. Employers may withhold up to the remaining 63% of the premium from employee wages if they choose.



Q: My business isn’t in Washington. Does this affect me?

A: This new law can impact any employer with employees in the state of Washington. We offer this service and communicate with all our clients to ensure every employer we work with is aware of the new law and service options PayNW offers.

Q: What if we have more than 50 employees, but only a few in Washington?

A: Businesses with fewer than 50 employees are not required to pay the employer portion of the premium but are required to collect and remit the employee portion of the premium and abide by all reporting requirements.

Q: I don’t know which option to select. Can you help me?

A: PayNW offers a service that completes the filing and payments on your behalf. Please select whichever option is best for your company.

This is new for everyone. Washington State has great resources to assist employers in determining what pertains to them. You can also sign up for newsletters directly from Washington State.