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Payroll Services
for Seattle, Washington

Making Life Easier with Efficient, Helpful, Effective Payroll Software

PayNW is a provider of payroll, time and attendance and other employer services to small and medium-sized businesses and not-for-profit organizations in Seattle and surrounding regions. PayNW is dedicated to returning peace of mind and business focus to our clients and their employees. Our goal is to relieve clients from administrative and regulatory burdens and deadlines; reduce costs associated with payroll and labor management; provide outstanding customer service, flexibility and reliability; and deliver added convenience and value to client employees.

With Headquarters in Seattle, WA, PayNW is the payroll and employer services provider of choice for small to medium sized employers in Seattle and Washington State

Want to learn more? Talk with a specialist now: 866-729-6920


Want to
learn more?

Talk with a specialist now: 866-729-6920

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Washington State Resources for Employers

Industrial Insurance (Workman’s Comp)

As an employer or prospective employer in Washington State, you must provide industrial
insurance coverage for your employees. Coverage is mandatory. Employers purchase
coverage through the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I). L&I manages all claims

and pays benefits out of an insurance pool called the Washington State Fund. The
fund is financed by premiums paid by employers and employees, not by general revenue
taxes and is instead of private workman’s compensation found in most other states.
Premiums are based on job classifications and rates are applied to hours worked.
For more information, see:

State Unemployment

Generally, every business with employees in Washington State must register with
Employment Security and file unemployment insurance taxes every quarter. You pay
unemployment taxes on gross wages up to the average annual salary for the state
(the taxable wage base). Wages are taxable, whether paid as a fixed salary, as an
hourly rate or on a piece-rate basis. Washington State bases your tax rate on your
experience with unemployment. “Experience” is the total unemployment benefits paid
to your former employees. For more information, see: Washington State’s Employment Security Department

Other important links for Employers:

New Hire Information
Minimum Wage information

What PayNW Clients Have To Say...


“We have been a client of PayNW since early 2007. After switching from [large national provider], we have been extremely impressed with their level of competency and customer service. Their staff is excellent about answering any questions and immediately resolving any issues that may arise. The personalized service is something that is not found much anymore. I would highly recommend their service for anyone needing a reliable, accurate payroll service.”

-David B., General Manager, Fashion Retailer, Seattle, WA

“Thank you for taking the time to check one of your clients. It is always nice to hear when a vendor wants to know how they are doing. For a small company with payroll needs, PayNorthwest has been able to fill that need plus great customer service! Our experiences with large payroll companies have not been great to say the least.”

-Cris T., Controller, Credit Union, Seattle, WA