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Payroll Services
for Idaho Businesses

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PayNW is a provider of payroll, time and attendance and other employer services to small and medium-sized businesses and not-for-profit organizations in Boise, Idaho and surrounding area. PayNW is dedicated to returning peace of mind and business focus to our clients and their employees. Our goal is to relieve clients from administrative and regulatory burdens and deadlines; reduce costs associated with payroll and labor management; provide outstanding customer service, flexibility and reliability; and deliver added convenience and value to client employees.

PayNW is now proud to announce that it has a service team located in the greater Boise area. Please contact us to learn how PayNW can provide the local service you expect with the capabilities you need.

Want to learn more? Talk with a specialist now: 866-729-6920

Want to
learn more?

Talk with a specialist now: 866-729-6920

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Idaho State Resources for Employers

Industrial Insurance (Workman’s Comp)

As an employer or prospective employer in Idaho State, you must provide industrial insurance coverage for your employees. Employers with one or more full-time, part-time, seasonal, or occasional employees are required to maintain a workers’ compensation policy unless specifically exempt from the law. Workers’ Compensation is required to be in place when the first employee is hired. For more information, see:

State Unemployment

Generally, every business with employees in Idaho State must register with the Idaho Department of Labor and file unemployment insurance taxes every quarter. Unemployment insurance is an employer-funded program which protects workers against complete loss of wages during periods of involuntary unemployment. Claimants are eligible for unemployment insurance if they meet monetary and personal eligibility requirements. Employers fund the Unemployment Insurance program by paying quarterly payroll tax. Each employer, unless a cost reimbursement employer, is assigned a tax rate known as an experience rate. This rate is used to calculate quarterly unemployment insurance taxes. Experience rates are assigned each year. For more information, see: State of Idaho Department of Labor

Other important links for Employers: