Stay One Step Ahead

As an operations leader, you need visibility into how the company works so that you can nimbly adjust to real-time information. Yet, it’s not realistic to be able to be in multiple places at the same time, overseeing departmental effectiveness at a detailed level every day.

PayNW provides a unified, single-source software platform that gives you the visibility you need, consolidates systems and databases, and reduces duplicative manual work. We make it possible to spend your time on forward-facing solutions for the whole enterprise rather than chasing down answers to questions one department or location at a time.

Key System Features

  • Multiple labor-data-capture device options
  • Real-time reporting and notifications
  • Single database across all departments and locations
  • Cloud platform with light IT footprint
  • Data exchange capabilities with ERP and other systems
  • Scalable for rapid deployment of new operations
  • Constraint-based labor scheduling
  • Complex labor allocation among cost centers

Better Outcomes

  • Enhanced labor resource visibility across the organization
  • System and process improvements
  • Solution adoption within reasonable parameters and time frames
  • Cost-effective solution scaled to current operations
  • Ability to link labor data with other core systems
  • Better labor resource planning
  • Empowered managers with information to make better decisions