PayNW is excited to launch a new user interface (UI) for your organization!

This includes a new mobile application that gives you and your employees a fully-responsive and consistent experience across all devices, and new reporting tools that help you visualize and analyze your data.




New mobile app

Fully responsive; consistent experience across all devices

New reporting tools  

Interactive charts and graphs 

New Experience Resource Guide

Amazing, right? See a preview of the new experience by watching this short video.

Transitioning is Easy as 1-2-3

Use this step-by-step toolkit to guide users in your organization through the transition to the new UI.


Understand the changes

Take a Look for Yourself

Payroll Only Overview

Communicate the new experience to your organization with these helpful tools:


Desktop Experience

Practice! Encourage users to take advantage of the “Try Our New Look” toggle button to start familiarizing themselves with the new experience prior to the transition.

Try Our New Look!
Back to Classic

Pro Tip: The toggle can be used to switch back to the classic view as well, so users have a fallback option while they are still learning the new experience.

Mobile Experience

If your organization utilizes employee self-service and want to offer your employees a mobile option, then download and try out the new mobile app HCMtoGo!  

Provide these instructions to your employees, too!


PayNW will transition you to the new user interface. The toggle button to switch back to the classic view will be in the top right corner for a limited time as users familiarize themselves with the new experience.

Transition dates will be communicated to you via email. If interested in an earlier date, please email with your request.




Do we have to change to the new experience?

Yes, the classic experience will soon be deprecated and not available to clients. We believe that this new user interface offers your organization a superior HCM solution and your employees a more compelling way to engage with their employer and teams. We feel strongly that this change is necessary and valuable.

Will my organization’s data be lost in the transition?

No, all data is seamlessly retained in the transition. The user interface is changing, not the database in which your data is stored.

Can I change the date that my organization is scheduled to transition?

We have strategically selected your transition date based on your company’s usage of the system. If you feel this date does not align with your organization’s timing, we are available to discuss alternative options. Remember you will have the toggle button “Back to Classic” available for a time after the transition to give users a fallback option while still learning the new experience.

When will the toggle button be removed?

Please refer to the email and popup communication provided to you regarding the date of removal of the toggle button.

What resources are available to help my organization’s transition?

Are there any updated user guides that I can reference or provide to my employees?

Yes, these have been embedded within the system via My Learning.

How do I create a chart or graph?

We’ve put together a brief tutorial on how to configure charts and graphs.




I want to change the first screen that users see upon login, how do I change that setting?

Administrators can change a user’s first screen on their employee record. Here is a quick job aid on how to change this setting and make an update in mass.

Do we have to use the mobile app, HCMtoGo?

No, this is an entirely optional tool for your organization to heighten your level of employee engagement.

I need more help and have more questions.

If you need help or have additional questions, authorized account contacts should reach out to your customer service representative as usual via email at