Wages On-Demand Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wages On-Demand?

The PayNW Wages On-Demand program features the Spentra Visa® Payroll Card and is a low cost, responsible, easy way for your employees to access their earned wages whenever they want. The Spentra Card features the Money Earned® benefit, which lets employees access up to 50% of their net wages at time of request before the next payroll date. The Spentra Card also eliminates fees for common transactions, helping employees manage money wisely:


  • No fee to employers or employees for card
  • Over 38,000 surcharge-free MoneyPass ATMs
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • No minimum balance requirements or fees
  • No ACH deposit fees
  • No POS PIN based transaction fees
  • No POS Signature based transaction fees

Who can use the Spentra Card?

The Spentra Card can be used by employees of any employer that signs up for the program. The Spentra Card is not offered in Connecticut, Delaware, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island or Vermont.

Can funds be withdrawn by ATM?

Yes. Simply sign into the Spentra mobile app and select ATM Finder from the home screen to find a list of surcharge-free ATMs near you, or enter a zip code to find locations in that area.

Is a card provided with the program?

Yes. Visa® Debit Payroll Card

Is there a cost to the card (Employer or Employee)?

No cost

What is the wage access fee to the employee?

$1.00 per transaction up to $100 taken

What wage access limits are there?

Up to 50% of net wages at time of request

Are there any restrictions on total amount accessed in a pay period?

Only restriction is up to 50% of net wages at time of request whether $10 or $10,000

What are the number of transactions allowed per pay period?

12 for weekly, 24 for bi-weekly, 48 for monthly

How quickly are funds available?

Instantly to the Spentra Card

Is a bank account required?


Is there a minimum employee count for program?


What is the cost to the employer for the program?

$250 per FEIN

Does the program have to be exclusive i.e. no other cards allowed?


Is it completely integrated with PayNW?


What set up is required by the employer?


After sign up, how long before the program is available to employees?

1 to 7 days

What is the length of training for the employer?

1 hour

Are instant-issue cards available?


Does Spentra have direct deposit automation?


Is there a Mobile App for Spentra?


Does it use Fee-Free ATMs?

Yes – MoneyPass® Network

Is there a transaction fee for POS PIN based transactions?


Is there a transaction fee for POS signature based transactions?


Are there monthly fees?


Are there minimum balance fees?


Is there a length of inactivity period before a fee is charged?

12 months

Is there an Employer Portal?


Is the Spentra Card FDIC insured?


Are there patents protecting the Spentra products?


Is the app available in Spanish?

This is in progress, scheduled for completion in Q4 of 2019.

Questions Asked Frequently by Employees

How do I deposit funds?

For Direct Deposit, simply let your employer know you want your pay to go to your Spentra card and they will set it up on the PayNW system. To find your account and routing number, sign into the Spentra app and select Manage Your Card, then choose Direct Deposit. For Government Rebate or ACH deposit from a bank account, sign into the Spentra app and select Manage Your Card. Here you can find your routing and account number.


Only direct deposits in your name or the name of someone for whom you have the legal authority to accept funds can be loaded to the Spentra Card. All other direct deposits in the name of anyone else may be declined and returned.

Are deposits insured by the FDIC?

Yes, deposits to your Spentra Card are insured up to $250,000 by Central Bank of Kansas City, Member FDIC.

What is the maximum amount that I can load into my Spentra Card account?

The maximum amount in your Spentra Card account may not exceed $10,000.

How do you handle my personal information?

Spentra operates to BSA (Bank Secrecy Act) standards. Employee information is never made available or sold to any third party, ever.

What is the fraud policy for the Spentra Card?

If you suspect that someone has accessed your Spentra Card account information or used the card without your permission, sign into the Spentra app and select Manage Your Card, then choose Block Card. This will stop any further purchase activity on your card. After blocking access, please call 833-459-3443 and a representative will work to resolve the issue.

Where can I find more information on your policies?

Information regarding Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Fraud Prevention is available for registered users through the Spentra app, and on their website at spentra.com.

What features are available through the Spentra app?


  • The following features can be accessed through the Spentra app:
  • View your current balance
  • View your card activity
  • Block/Unblock your card
  • Reset PIN
  • Enroll and manage text alerts’
  • ATM Finder for surcharge-free withdrawals at Money Pass® ATMs
  • Money Earned®, a patented benefit, allows employees to access up to 50% of their net wages at time of request
  • Friendly support directly from the Spentra app

*Standard message and data rates from your wireless service provider may apply.


What if I lose my Spentra Card or the card is stolen?

If your card is stolen, immediately sign into the Spentra app , select Manage Your Card, and then choose the option to Block Card. This will stop any further purchase activity on your card. After blocking access, please call 833-459-3443 to speak with a representative, who will report the issue and order a replacement card.

Do you run my credit or store my Social Security number?

No. We do not conduct a credit check or store your Social Security number.

How do I get help or support?

For any questions regarding Spentra Card transactions, fraud concerns, or card status, call 833-4S9-3443 and a representative will be happy to assist you. For questions or issues with Money Earned® or the Spentra app, sign into the app and select Profile from the home screen. Then select Need Help, choose App & Money Earned Help, and select Contact Us.

What is Money Earned®?

Money Earned® is a patented benefit that lets employees of PayNorthwest employers, who sign up for the Spentra Card program , access up to SO% of their net wages at time of request, before their next paycheck date.

How does Money Earned® work?

Spentra interfaces with your employer’s PayNW time and attendance and payroll system to determine an employee’s net wages (earnings after deductions and garnishments). At any time throughout the pay period, an employee can push up to 50% of their net wages, at time of request to their Spentra Card.

How do I use Money Earned®?

To push any portion of your Money Earned® balance directly to your Spentra Card, simply download the free Spentra app, log in, and select Push Earnings To Card option from the Money Earned Details. Enter the amount you want to push to your card and press Submit. You can use the card everywhere Visa® debit is accepted. It’s that simple.

How does Money Earned® settle?

At the close of a payroll cycle, Money Earned® transactions by an employee during that payroll cycle are totaled and added to that employee’s pay stub information as a deduction, similar to common payroll deductions, like insurance or child support.

Is Money Earned® a loan?

No, it is not a loan. Spentra interfaces with an employer’s payroll system to calculate net wages at time of request. The Money Earned® feature simply gives employees access to their known earned wages.

How long does it take for my Money Earned® to load to my Spentra Card?

A Money Earned® transaction is loaded onto your Spentra Card at time of request, and you can use the funds right away.

I just started working and my employer has Money Earned®. How long before I can start using this benefit?

Each employer is different; however, new employees generally can access Money Earned® after the first pay cycle closes. Remember to download the Spentra app from the Google Play Store or App Store and request your card through the app.

Where and when can I access Money Earned®?

You can access Money Earned® from your mobile device through the Spentra app, anytime and anywhere you have mobile service.

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