Open APIs &

All Your Systems in Sync

Web Services

PayNW’s HCM system is built with web services and is designed to support data exchange with your other important business systems. SOAP and REST APIs allow clients to develop automations that connect and share their HR, payroll, benefits, and time data with other Web-service-enabled cloud applications.

REST API clients send HTTP POST, PUT, GET, or DELETE requests to the system to create, update, retrieve and delete data from the system. Through security profiles, users are granted access to view or edit sensitive data via REST API. Company groups can also restrict the data that is returned in response to a REST API.

Built-In Interfaces

Our HCM system includes integrations with many popular applications like Twilio, Indeed and TurboTax, including Google Cloud integration to link popular Google Cloud applications with system data and resources.

PayNW HCM + Google Cloud

Use PayNW’s API capabilities to:

Pass payroll data to a cloud-based general ledger system

Share labor distribution data to an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning system

Transfer employee compensation data by manager group to a compensation management and budgeting system

Exchange data and benefit plan information and enrollment with 3rd party benefits management system

Transfer HCM data to an analytics tool for deeper analysis

Transfer labor and time data to management dashboard tools

Human Capital Management in a Single System