EmpInfo - Employment Verification Automation

Make a difference in your employees' lives when they ask for you to provide proof of their employment, income, or both with automated verification processes. Get Started →

Empower Employees With Quick Employment Verification

Today, businesses need to find different ways to separate themselves from the competition when attracting talent, and that means finding new and inventive ways to appeal to applicants.

With PayNW's direct connection with EmpInfo, employers can allow employees to quickly access proof of their employment and / or income when it comes to life-changing events such as:

  • Bank Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Credit Cards
  • Auto Loans
  • Etc.

To top it off, PayNW Clients can start setting up their direct connection with EmpInfo by filling out the form on this page, EVEN if they don't have the HR module.





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Empower Employees With
Automated Verifications Processes

Download our EmpInfo and Direct Connect Overview today to learn more about how our direct connect with EmpInfo can not only empower employees but save employers time and money.

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