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Wells Fargo Outsourced Its Business Payroll Services Department to ADP

Wells Fargo is shuttering its Business Payroll Services department and is transitioning payroll clients to ADP. All future payroll client requests and support will be handled by ADP.

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What does this mean for your organization?

Wells Fargo and ADP plan to have all clients “outsourced” (as one public communication put it), including all necessary customer training on systems and procedures, by the end of the first quarter of 2020.

If you are a current Wells Fargo Payroll client, now might be a time to consider your options. PayNW is the alternative to national “big box” payroll companies like ADP.

PayNW’s market-leading cloud payroll & HR system combined with dedicated payroll specialists who provide personalized, responsive, caring support makes PayNW a happy landing place for mid-size and growing businesses – particularly ones who like to choose their own business partners.

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As the largest privately owned human capital management provider in the Pacific Northwest, PayNW serves mid-sized and growing businesses. Since 2007, we’ve served more than 1,000 clients across North America. From the beginning, we have sought to be “the third way” – more capable than the small local payroll service provider, more caring than the big box national providers. We combine deep expertise in our platform with the ability to listen and understand your unique requirements and circumstances.