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Leave Management Solution

Leave Management Solution

Automated leave management increases visibility and productivity while minimizing compliance risk

While managing unplanned, incidental absences — such as those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic — can have an impact on daily operations, managing employee leave of absence requirements and intermittent leave can ultimately require more administration and have a more significant cost impact on your bottom line.

Employees may require extended time away from work for a variety of reasons, including illness, injury, disability, bereavement, military or jury duty, maternity/ paternity, child/elder care, and labor disputes. Federal and state regulations, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), California Family Rights Act, and Parental Disability and Leave Act, as well as internal company policies, determine what employers are required to provide to their employees and what conditions an employee must meet to be eligible for leave of absence benefits.

Without accurate, automated leave of absence management, employers are at risk of noncompliance with leave regulations and potentially subject to fines or class action lawsuits. Granting leave requests to ineligible employees or extending leave benefits beyond the accrued time period can drive up labor costs. And administering leave requests, tracking leave eligibility, and reporting on granted time off can be time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in inconsistent policy enforcement.

Key Benefits



AUTOMATED & ACCURATE TRACKING of leave eligibility, type, and duration based on individual employee case data




EMPLOYEE SELF-SERVICE LEAVE REQUEST simplifies and automates leave case creation




CONFIGURABLE LEAVE PROFILES include available categories, entitlement time, rules, and workflows for request/ approval process


TIME ENTRIES AND PAY RULES for leave cases integrated with employee timesheets and schedules


Reduce manual tasks and increase visibility

Our leave management solution, an add-on module to our human capital management offering, provides administrators with comprehensive management capabilities that automate the administration and tracking of paid and unpaid federal, state, and employer-specific leave policies. This automated leave administration and tracking is configurable to match the needs of your organization to maintain balances, reduce errors caused by manual processes, and control absence costs.

By removing manual tasks from the traditional leave management process, the leave management module ensures accurate data and comprehensive visibility when tracking and managing employee leave. Configurable workflows and notifications streamline your internal leave request/approval processes. Also, the configurable dashboard summary gives a consolidated, real-time view of all leave cases, while standard and ad hoc reports provide the ability to see who is eligible for leave, and how much time they are entitled to for any leave of absence category. What’s more, managers can drill down into specific cases for detailed information about an employee’s leave time, including eligibility and historic leave requests.

Ensure accuracy and reduce compliance risk

Accurate and consistent leave of absence management minimizes the risk of costly litigation and employee grievances. By automating electronic administration of leave eligibility and requirements, our leave management solution ensures that cases are managed accurately, consistently, and thoroughly — every time. Compliance with federal and state laws is easy when errors from human intervention and manual processes are reduced or eliminated. The system automatically updates new rules and regulations as legislation changes, and U.S. Department of Labor FMLA form templates are kept up to date with the ability to auto-populate information at the push of a button. Also, all associated leave information is conveniently kept together, as any related HR documents can be appended directly to employee case records.


Minimize unauthorized leave

In addition to reducing the risk of costly litigation and expensive manual administrative processes, our leave management solution provides the tools you need to prevent ineligible or unauthorized time off. Every leave case is carefully and automatically tracked for time and eligibility, with built-in notifications that allow managers to control the potentially high cost of absence. Email notifications can also be configured to manage entitlement balances like low balance, zero balance, and negative balance. The system delivers a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use eligibility tool at both the employee and administrative level, providing real-time access to eligibility information for any configured Leave of Absence categories.

A Leave of Absence Calendar is also accessible through employee self-service and the mobile app, and displays a calendar view of all time ranges that an employee is out on either intermittent or continuous leave.

Improve employee morale, influence employee behavior

Ensuring equal, fast, and fair policy enforcement is an essential step to maintaining a positive workplace culture. Our leave management solution leverages powerful tools to ensure policies are enforced consistently and accurately across the entire organization. Automated leave management and administration can have a dramatic, positive impact on employee morale. Employee visibility and self-service capabilities are bolstered through request initiations, leave eligibility, and balance tracking — all available anytime, anywhere with our mobile app.


Please contact us for more information, or to request a demonstration of our Leave Management Solution


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